Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Cock Ring Fetish

Confession: I love to build, wear, and photograph my own leather cockrings.

I buy common styles from porn shops and then alter them into custom cockwear.

Sometimes I see how many I can wear all at once.

I love to get my cock all dressed up in one of my leather pieces, pull on stockings, high heels, and my leather fringe CBT belt, and prance around the house with my rock-hard erection sticking out into the hallways and rooms as I strut around.

The sound and feel of the high heels on my concrete floor engorges my cock even more, sometimes turning purple under the tight fit of my cockrings.


Anonymous said...

i love cock rings too. check out my blog - gonna take some pics of mine soon

cock rings said...

Great looking cock with cock rings.

Ryan Boyles said...

Now that is what you call a true demonstration on how to use cock rings! Such sex toys are great creations!

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